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Sunday Morning Worship, 11:00 AM

Exciting praise and worship and anointed ministry of the Word.


Bible Study on Thursdays, 7:30 PM

One power packed hour of explicit Biblical teaching that equips the believer to live a successful Christian life.


Praise Team

Spirited and anointed praise & worship led by individuals who "love God" and express their love through song.


Praise Dancers

Beautiful expressions of worhsip through dance that evoke inspiration within the hearts of the congregants.


Media Evangelism

The ministry broadcasts it's services via the medium of television in an effort to fulfill the "Great Commission"

Xfinity Ch. 7, Sunday Mornings 8:30 AM.



The ministry has its own resident author, Dr. Deborah Wright, who has published two books:  The Struggle and The Daniel Devotional. The ministry also has a repertoire of unpublished material that includes training material for certification in Biblical Studies.

The Struggle

Our ministry's books are available


The Daniel Devotional

Our ministry's books are available

Harvest Television

Watch these inspirational services on Xfinity ch. 7, Sunday mornings 8:30 AM.

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